About us

About us

We are a research group from IATA-CSIC (Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, Spanish National Research Council) dedicated to the study of the sensory properties of food and consumer perception.

Our team, led by Ph.D. Amparo Tárrega and Ph.D. Laura Laguna, is multidisciplinary, and expert in techniques for sensory evaluation and quantitative and qualitative consumer assessments.

Amparo Tárrega

Head Scientist
Sensometry and Consumer Science

Laura Laguna

Head Scientist
Sensory perception, Food Oral Processing and Deglutition Problems

Arantxa Rizo

Ph.D. in Food Science, Technology and Management
Sensory perception

Mónica González

Specialist technician in sensory analysis and consumer studies


Celia Badia

Ph.D Student in Food Science

Elizabeth Carrillo

Ph.D. in Food Science, Technology and Management
Consumer studies

entero - Frente

Ruth Picó

Ph.D. Student in Food Science, Technology and Management

Raquel Baixauli

Ph.D. in Agronomic Engineering
Consumer studies and Project management

Base de datos - Corporación Microsoft

Andrés Viadel

Ph.D Student in Food Science

Universidad de Toronto - Rostro

Elena Zúñiga

Laboratory Technician - INVESTIGO

Kovan Mohammed Ismael

Ph.D Student in Surgery and Morphologic Sciences

Tuong Thuy Ung Pham

Ph.D Student in Sensory and Consumer Science